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Teatro San Carlo, Naples
January | 2022

"[...] what happened last Sunday, January 30th, at the San Carlo theater will remain in the memory of those who were present as one of the most exciting evenings in the recent history of the theater.

[...] At this point, it would be out of place to assess the performances and take into account any vocal imprecision; on such an occasion, it is better to focus on the positive aspects, starting with the conduction of Lorenzo Passerini, who gave the score a truly theatrical character, at times with a brilliant instrumental background, at others framing the voices with imposing sound effects. The Orchestra of the San Carlo Theater has found again the form that lately seemed to be lost, with various dynamics, an endless range of colors and a perfect interconnection with the stage, so that in some moments they seemed to breathe together."


OperaClick – Bruno Tredicine

Ancora 1

"Passerini [...] is very good at accompaniment, at supporting the singing with the right balance of sounds and with a various orchestral phrasing, which enhances the singing needs. The San Carlo Orchestra, in splendid form, perfectly follows the conductor's gestures."


L’Ape musicale – Luigi Raso

"On the podium of the Neapolitan Theater San Carlo was the young conductor Lorenzo Passerini, who, despite of his young age and limited experience, proved to have excellent qualities for conducting a great orchestra such as the San Carlo. Indeed, they did not disappoint expectations, and delivered a "clean", convincing and precise sound, both in the starts and in the different nuances contained in the difficult score."


2ANEWS – Carlo Farina

"[...] the Orchestra made a remarkable performance, guided perfectly by Lorenzo Passerini, a young and talented conductor who based his reading on the critical version of the opera. A triumphant success for an opera that had been missing from the Neapolitan billboards for twenty years."


Napoli Magazine

"The audience, in the final applause, literally peeled off their hands and appreciated the Orchestra conducted by the young conductor Lorenzo Passerini. He was able to read the difficult score of the opera with the strength of a Verdi-like rhythm and the lyricism of Bellini, who here anticipates the future of Italian composers."


Gazza Merlina – Pino De Stasio


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