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Théâtre du Capitole
October - November, 2022

"The Orchestre National du Capitole is conducted with energy and brilliance by Lorenzo Passerini, who spares no effort, and injects imagination and determination into the festive passages, and brings the moving moments to the peak of emotion through great sound layers and the lyrical breaths of the strings."

Par Joël Heuillon, | 27.11.2022

Ancora 1
Ancora 2
Ancora 3

"He is 31 years old, thin as a stick, but with formidable precision and energy. He is Maestro Lorenzo Passerini. What we hear this evening is almost another Bohème, forewarning the musical genius of this composer's last works. Timbres, melodies, dynamics and even the deafening silences of the unfolding drama. Instead of confusing the music stands in a giant sound wave, Lorenzo Passerini details each one of them, giving them the possibility to enhance each musical line. It is also important to see how much he cares about the singers. He knows that many of them are not only as young as he is, but also beginners in these roles. He literally watches them with his eyes and arms, and conducts with elegance and precision a score which is actually a race to the abyss."

Robert Pénavayre, | 27.11.2022

"We would like to take this opportunity to praise the work of conductor Lorenzo Passerini, who is very close to his musicians in the pit and on stage with laudable dynamism, relentlessly respecting the particular sound colour of each act."

Michel Grialou, Culture31 | 29.11.2022

"In this hall, whose acoustics are certainly more favourable to the pit, the Orchestre du Capitole sometimes seems to threaten to cover the stage. However, apart from this slight lack of balance, Lorenzo Passerini's reading is that of an authentic theatre conductor, with nerve to animate, elasticity to breathe with the singers, colours everywhere, and a precision of gesture which makes all the jewels of the orchestration shine."

Emmanuel Dupuy, | 5.12.2022

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