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Teatro Massimo, Palermo
April, 2023

"From the podium, the young Lorenzo Passerini conducts the opening symphony with a firm hand, accentuating the strong dramatic intensity that forewarns the drama of the priestess of the Druids, and proves to be flawless in the finale."

ANSA | 17.04.2023

Ancora 1
Ancora 2
Ancora 3

"Conductor Lorenzo Passerini was excellent. Tight, lively, captivating and quivering tempos. Precise sonorities, right colours. Perfect attention to the details. It was pointed out to me that he does not have a nice gesture - it may be: but what matters most, the gesture or the result? He mastered a formidable score such as “Norma”, transforming the Orchestra Massimo, which had never been as brilliant, lively and close as in this production. He was able to express the particular atmosphere of the score very well."

Guido Schillaci | 21.04.2023

"Concerning the musical texture, which is without a doubt of key importance to opera theater, the conducting of Maestro Lorenzo Passerini is particularly exquisite, captivating and vigorous. He is able to emphasize the dramatic situations with a firm gesture, when the baton seems to throw slashes to wound the soul - during the execution of the symphony or when the uproar of "Guerra! Guerra!" invades the scene - and then he can accompany the whole orchestra with the broad, gentle movements of the arms. The young conductor shows the ability to assess the weight of the orchestra in relation to the singing, which is supported by a polychromatic concertation that overcomes the performing difficulties of Bellini's score. This ensures incisiveness, a good choice of tempo and a balanced connection between the orchestral pit and the stage. The Orchestra Massimo shows its excellent condition, perfectly adhering to the gesture that animates the podium."

Norma Giuca | 23.04.2023

"The discovery and, at the same time, the catalyzing element of the night, is the baton of the very young Lorenzo Passerini, who has a barbaric, passionate vision of “Norma”, one could say it is almost Verdi-like. [...] The Orchestra of Teatro Massimo is at its best, in one of the best nights in recent years. It responds with an avalanche of wonderful sounds, "as the roar of thunder", following the phrasing inputs that come from the podium, as if subjugated by the strong personality of the conductor, which radiates there. And we are ready to bet - we will hear about him again in the future."

Giuseppe Guggino | 25.04.2023

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