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Perez Galdoz Theater, Las Palmas
April | 2021

"An opera [...] very well served musically by the Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra, masterfully conducted by Maestro Lorenzo Passerini, which reminded me of the demanding Rossini Festival in Pesaro."

Jose Antonio Godoy Rodriguez

Ancora 1

"The Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra [...] was brilliant, starting with an overture which to its credit is part of the orchestra repertoire. To the well-known quality of the musicians was added the brilliant direction of Lorenzo Passerini, full of nuances, sparkling, and at the service of the scene, when needed."

Cayetano Sánchez, Canarias7

"Rossini's orchestration is more substantial than that of other bel canto composers, from the overture […] to the fall of the curtain. Lorenzo Passerini conducts the performance with the Gran Canaria Orchestra, working with truly reputable precision."

Giullermo García-Alcalde, The Province

Ancora 3

"Young Lorenzo Passerini with the Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra gives the whole [the show] a harmonious Rossinian touch."

Klaus Billand, Orpheus Magazin

Ancora 4
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