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Lorenzo Passerini


Artistic director and musical director "Orchestra Antonio Vivaldi"



Pretty Yende, soprano

Turku Philharmonic Orchestra

Lorenzo Passerini, conductor

"Conductor Lorenzo Passerini also exuded fresh energy. His refined conducting technique ranged from small gestures to enhance the long musical lines, to the use of the whole body for the most intense and expressive passages.


The Intermezzo from Puccini's opera 'Manon Lescaut' resounded powerful and vivid as flesh and blood - the final theme was very liberating. The overture from Bernstein's opera 'Candide' was dominated by a refreshing swing rhythm. In the overture from Verdi's opera 'La Forza del Destino', the clarinetist, oboist and flautist demonstrated extraordinary skill in unisons and solos.


The concert ended with an endless standing ovation from the audience. Yende and Passerini even treated the audience to two encores."




Pauliina Rahiala, Turun Sanomat



"[...] what happened last Sunday, January 30th, at the San Carlo theater will remain in the memory of those who were present as one of the most exciting evenings in the recent history of the theater. [...] At this point, it would be out of place to assess the performances and take into account any vocal imprecision; on such an occasion, it is better to focus on the positive aspects, starting with the conduction of Lorenzo Passerini, who gave the score a truly theatrical character, at times with a brilliant instrumental background, at others framing the voices with imposing sound effects. The Orchestra of the San Carlo Theater has found again the form that lately seemed to be lost, with various dynamics, an endless range of colors and a perfect interconnection with the stage, so that in some moments they seemed to breathe together."

(Bruno Tredicine, OperaClick) 


Cenerentola - Galdoz Theater

Las Palmas - April 2021

"To the well-known quality of the musicians was added the brilliant conducting of Lorenzo Passerini, full of nuances, sparkling, and at the service of the scene, when needed."

(Cayetano Sánchez, Canarias7)


Faust - Sydney Opera House

February / March 2020


" The conductor, Lorenzo Passerini, was in absolute control. He managed to convince the entire cast - orchestra, choir and soloists - to perform with dynamic variations, musicality and compelling emotional contrasts. It is no exaggeration to say that the his orchestral interpretation of Gounod's disturbing opera is one of the best of Opera Australia's last years. Bravo! "




Tosca - Teatro Regio, Turin

October 2019


"[...] Finally, unreserved praise goes to the twenty-eight year old Lorenzo Passerini, who, catapulted on the podium at the last minute in place of Daniel Oren, well supported by orchestra and choir, firmly ruled the ensemble, with character and talent worthy of attention future. "

(Giorgio Rampone, MUSIC)