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Lorenzo Passerini


Artistic director and musical director "Orchestra Antonio Vivaldi"

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Cenerentola - Galdoz Theater

Las Palmas - April 2021


"To the well-known quality of the musicians was added the brilliant conducting of Lorenzo Passerini, full of nuances, sparkling, and at the service of the scene, when needed."

(Cayetano Sánchez, Canarias7)


"A work [...] musically very well served by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Gran Canaria, masterfully directed by Maestro Lorenzo Passerini, who reminded me of the demanding Rossini Festival in Pesaro."

(Jose Antonio Godoy Rodriguez)




Faust - Sydney Opera House

February / March 2020


" The conductor, Lorenzo Passerini, was in absolute control. He managed to convince the entire cast - orchestra, choir and soloists - to perform with dynamic variations, musicality and compelling emotional contrasts. It is no exaggeration to say that the his orchestral interpretation of Gounod's disturbing opera is one of the best of Opera Australia's last years. Bravo! "



"Director Lorenzo Passerini showed energy, flair and a keen judgment on time and momentum, making sure this three and a half hour journey never dragged on."





Tosca - Teatro Regio, Turin

October 2019


"[...] Finally, unreserved praise goes to the twenty-eight year old Lorenzo Passerini, who, catapulted on the podium at the last minute in place of Daniel Oren, well supported by orchestra and choir, firmly ruled the ensemble, with character and talent worthy of attention future. "

(Giorgio Rampone, MUSIC)


"[...] Finally, completing this picture, the conducting of the young Lorenzo Passerini is equally exemplary [...] and adapts to the drama and the singers in a never intrusive way."

(Paul Fourier, Toute La Culture)